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Our Ready to go solution supports building a chat platform with add your company's color, custom features, and logo, to publish on Google Play or the App Store. Your app can be hosted on our hosting or on your premise or cloud.

  • 100% Customizable
  • One Time License Cost
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • On Premises/On cloud
  • White Label Solution
  • 1M+ Concurrent Users 
  • Design Enriched UI/UX
  • Quick Launch
  • Access to Source Code
  • 300+ Messaging Architects
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Low Latency

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Queries You Might Want To Ask

What’s the Maximum Users’ Limit in a Single Chat Room?

There’s no limit or restrictions since MirrorFly supports unlimited users count, but when it comes to private chat rooms, the host or admin can restrict the user limit based on preference. In an open chat room with our chat API integration, the admin can add up to a million users in one open chat room.

Can I Migrate Off from My Existing Data to MirrorFly Without Any Loss of Data?

Yes, with help of our 300+ engineers, our team can help you to migrate off from any existing chat application to a SaaP (Software-as-a-product) in app chat SDK platform without any down-time, Data-loss and handling complex integration processes.

Does MirrorFly have Broadcasting of Messages to Thousands of Users At a Time?

With MirrorFly’s best chat SDK channel, you can broadcast public messages to a large audience base. Our Channel supports up to 200,000 members to broadcast images, videos, or announcements to reach mass audiences at a time.

How Secure and Scalable is the MirrorFly Chat Solution?
Connecting millions of concurrent users is made simple with MirrorFly. Our chat messaging API infrastructure can withstand billions of conversations at a time. MirrorFly Chat API & SDK is integrated with end-to-end encryption and security layers like AES-256 encryption, Signal Protocol, OMEMO Encryption, ECDH Key Exchange to protect every message relayed over clients’ and MirrorFly’s servers.
What’s the difference between channels and groups in MirrorFly Chat API?

The groups are meant for sharing stuff and engaging with family, friends, remote teams and more. MirrorFly's in app Chat SDK provides supergroup feasibility where a supergroup can have upto 100,000 members. A channel consists of more than 100,000 members, it's mostly used to communicate, engage with a massive audience or member base.

Does MirrorFly have Any Restrictions on the User’s Count?

No, our messaging infrastructure is built to support millions of concurrent users exchanging messages simultaneously irrespective of bandwidth, channels, groups, and devices


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